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My First Investment

                                                        My First Investment



Coastal Sindhudurg:Tarkarli | Devbag | Malvan

Explore the official holiday and tourism website for Kokan with stunning coastline that is the essence of the natural beauty of the region.
Covering approximately 800 kilometres of coastline, you can experience many of Konkan's top attractions, best beaches and favourite family holiday destinations here on the Coast.

On your journey in Konkan, you’ll encounter some of the greatest spectacles on Earth. From the Historical Places and Waterfalls to Sanctury, Hillstations and Lakes.....

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Coastal Sindhudurg is one of the informative website of konkan  specially  tarkarli/devbag/Malvan  


The Agenda of this site is to Promote Tourism in Sindhudurg for People.

In Tourism We provide Water Sports,Snorkeling,Scuba,Booking of Best Hotels/Motels/Resorts,Sightseeing,Backwater trips,Transport services & Guides.

Sindhudurg Sea Coast Length 121 KM Fishing Area 16000 km2

  My HomeTown

This Place is a small village located, next to Tarkarli, around 10 km away from Malvan town. It has Arabian Sea on one side and Karli river on the other. The nature has gifted Devbag with a ravishing confluence of Arabian Sea and Karli river.

Devbag’s long stretch of beach, garnished with pearl white sand, is a treat to the eyes. A good time to be on the beach is evening, when the Sun immerse itself into the horizon. The land has a dense vegetation, full of coconut and cashew trees, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. Indeed, Devbag (God’s Garden) has a divine touch of the nature.

Winter is the best season to visit this place. From October, one can enjoy splendid weather and water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and especially Dolphin safari. In other seasons, Devbag is a perfect place to relax, seek solitude and peace.
Traditional Fishing at Devbag

  Devbag Beach

morning view of devbag beach

boating at devbag beach

From My place(Chopdekar's Villa) is very near to this beach.

I would just like to say about this Beach is "-----------" No words 

You just come here and see.


I tried to capture and show to the people,so everyone arrive here at least once in life.

Evening atmosphere at Devbag


Chopdekar's Sapna Water Sports provides sufficient service so that everyone can evolve with natural large blue colour (means sightseeing)
We offer boating facilities for the tourists so everyone can see Backwaters.

1 Golden Rock                                                
2 sangam point  
3 Houseboat views
4 tsunami island
5 sea girl point
6 Crocodile point

Golden Rock 

morning view of Golden Rock


boating view of Golden rock


Back view of Golden rock


House Boat view in the evening
Sea-girl Point
Sea-girl Point is located at Sangam Point

Sea-gull Bird

Tsunami island

Tsunami Island is a tiny island, located in Karli River, which is very close to Devbag. Some people say,this island came into existence when Tsunami waves hit India in 2004. This tiny island is triggered by natural calamities

Tsunami Island is most spectaculars place for Tourists. Our Chopdekar’s Sapna Water Sports in nicely situated on this island.

The island beach is safe to swim, as the water is shallow. Recently, this place has become centre of extreme water sport activities like Speed boat, Jet ski, Bumper ride, Banana ride,Water-scooter,Kayaking,Dolphin ride etc. It has received overwhelming response from the tourists.

Tsunami Island on High Tide

Chopdekar's Sapna Water Sports at Tsunami Island



 Devbag is a beautiful beach town in the southern state of Maharashtra. It is located in the near Sindhudurg fort and along with Tarkarli beach and can be reached in about 3 hours from Goa. It is about 34 km from Sindhudurg railway station and is about 110 km from Panjim. Devbag is considered the most scenic. Most of painters come here often to paint there canvas with most beautiful and lively scenes from Devbaug because here is the place where Karli river and Arabian sea meets each other called ‘SANGAM’ which made this place more beautiful and romantic


Sangam point


Google view of sangam point and Tsunami island
Crocodile Point

Crocodile Point

 Chopdekar's Sapna Water Sports offer one more service to tourist those who love to watch natural beauty of konkan

1 Devbag Beach
2 Tarkarli Beach
3 Bhogwe Beach
4 Chiwala Beach

Devbag Beach

Devbag Beach

My Place is in great Danger as the Sea waves are constantly cutting the shore.
This place is God gifted.In this place we find the merger of two water bodies Arabian sea and Karli creek. Popularly known as "SANGAM".Population is @5000 people.Famous for virgin sandy beaches & unspoilt beauty. The name DEVBAG means Devachi bag i.e.Gods garden. Fishing is the main business.

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach
Tarkarli Beach
Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli is a small village located 5 Km away from Malvan town. Tarkarli beach is the most popular beach in Konkan. It has received appreciation from travellers around the globe. Tarkarli Beach has very old Suru trees across the seashore, which add to its beauty

 Very nice beach, with MTDC resort on the beach. you will have fun staying here.

Bhogwe Beach
Kille nivti near Bhogwe beach

Bhogwe Beach

 A clean beach about 6 kms from Parule. On a clear day, one can see dolphins frolicking in the lagoon
 This Beautiful and clean Village situated Just 10 to 12 km from Malvan. Having a Sea Beach for Scerene and calm, just the place for the person, fed up of city life.. lush green surroundings and golden sands.

  Chivala Beach

Chivala Beach
Chivala Beach

Coastal Sindhudurg: Chopdekar's Sapna Water Sports

            1st Water Sport at Tsunami Island


                                                Now enjoy konkan's beauty with watersports.  Chopdekar's Sapna Watersports provides a variety of water rides.  

        Zoom across the blue water of the Karli Khadi Arabian Sea on an inflatable banana boat ride in Devbag Tsunami Island. This is the perfect Family fun for every one’s vacation. Now enjoy Konkan's beauty with adventure.


We have many rides for you......

 Jet-Ski Adventure ...

 Jetski Rides are one of the many fun things to do at Devbag Tsunami Island. Our experienced staff will provide through instructions to make the most choice Jetski riders and drivers feel like experts.


 Each Jet ski rental provides a stable and comfortable ride for up to 2 passengers with a combined weight of no more than 400 lbs. Wave runner safety features include: a fire extinguisher a whistle, mandatory life jackets, and lanyards (kill cords). The kill cords are worn around the driver's wrist at all times so that if the driver slings himself off, the jet skis will turn off until you get back on! 

We provide life jackets for:

kids as small as 30lbs and adults as large as 300lbs. Every passenger wears a life jacket at all times! Also, everyone driving and riding a jet ski

Banana Boat Adventure ....

Jetski Rides are one of the many fun things to do at Deobag Tsunami Island. Our experienced staff will provide through instructions to make the most choice Jetski riders and drivers feel like experts. 

Bumper Adventures....

 For those who like little more speed and adventure, than the centre’s fast furious Bumper Tube ride is the perfect choice for you with space for two to three passengers.



  Water Scooter Adventures....

Enjoy the speed on the sea. Experience the beauty of Konkan with the WaterScooter Rides. Speedlovers enjoy it the most.



  Kayaking Adventures....

If you thought that the clam water are the only ones for Kayaking. Kayaking can be carried out over anysurface of water which water Kayaking is very popular


Our Most Economical Rates : Reasonable  Rates in  Sindhudurg

-: Per Person Per Ride Rates :-

Jet Ski - 300/-

Banana - 200/-

Kayaking - 100/-

Bumper Ride  200/-

water scooter 150/-

Para gliding 400/-
Our timing from morning 7.30am to 7 pm.

For more information:

Please visit :


Our Team

 Our Team:

I would like to introduce our team 

we have 26 members in our team which works at Tsunami island.

All are really working very hard,intensively,trying to fulfilling tourists needs.

I would like to thanks all our team-members.They really work from morning to night.

Guys! You are really doing wonderful job.

Just as our business evolving, so are the needs of our customer.

It is an exciting time and business is counting we have designed  two new global packages that will connect with customers through strategy and  innovative programme.  
Our new packages is designed to create simpler, end-to-end processes in alignment with our new organisational roles and responsibilities, reduce churn and expedite decision making. It also will help to keep our customer at the heart everything we do. 

Today we are poised to deliver great result , we will continue to lead the industry as world class Water Sports – one that is integrated , focus, and  efficient.  

I am pleased to share with you     

The leaders of organization.

Global communication lead by Mr.Ninad Chopdekar, Mr.Sopan Chopdekar…………

Corporate responsibility lead by  Mr. Mohan Chopdekar, Mr.Jayant Chopdekar, Mr Sanjay      Chopdekar, Mr.Sopan Chopdekar……..

Commercial Marketing  lead by Mr.Sopan Chopdekar,Mr.Ninad Chopdekar…….

We will like to thanks  and Congratulate them on all contribution  theirs made in Chopdekar’s  Sapna Water Sports .

Mr.Sopan Chopdekar & Team will continue to managed Chopdekar’s Sapna Water Sports,  
sustainability programme world wide including managing stake holder relationship  and reporting for corporate responsibility  to do the good for people and planet.


How to reach

A guide for travelling by road.

From Pune to Malvan via Kolhapur (Approx distance 400 KM):
From Pune, you can take NH 4 and start your journey towards Kolhapur. Once you reach Kolhapur, you should take SH 115 (route via Gaganbawada) to reach NH 17. Once you take NH 17, move towards Kankawali and keep driving till Kasaal. From Kasaal take a right, it will lead you to Malvan Bus stand, which is about 30 km away. 
Malvan city.
From Malvan to Devbag:
After Malvan Bus stand, take a left turn to reach MTDC Tarkarli and keep driving straight crossing Tarkarli jetty on Karli river, then Datta Samant English school at Devbagh. Further on two kilometers you will reach Chopdekar Home.
To reach by Train:
Kudal is nearest railway station to reach Malvan. From Kudal Railway Station Bus and Auto Rikshaw services to reach Malvan are available. The host can arrange a special vehicle from Kudal to Devbag, if requested.